Amitabh MEHTA

Development Banker – Writer – Advocate

Amitabh Mehta is a global sustainable and development finance expert – focusing on Climate Finance, Nature & Biodiversity Finance (including Species Bonds), ESG and Healthcare Finance.
His expertise is recognised for innovative ESG-specific Financial Products, Credit Enhancement and De-risking Mechanisms.


Having worked with, and advised, multiple private- and public-sector institutions within the Global Financial Sector – Investment Banks, Development Financial Institutions, Funds, Insurance Entities, and Retail Banks, Amitabh Mehta brings 26 years of integrated, multi-faceted experience across Asia, Africa and Europe.

Board Member | Strategic Impact | SDG Partnerships | Sustainable/ Innovative Finance | Infrastructure | Energy Transition | Climate Change | UN | World Bank | Green & Blue Bonds | Decarbonation | Climate Finance | Nature Finance